Saturday, 29 December 2012

Welcome to Sydney Australia's small voice in the thunderous outcrying of international voices demanding that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper meet with Chief Theresa Spence AND engage in meaningful dialogue aiming to deliver outcomes sought and aspired to by grassroots First Nations Canadian people. 

The Original Idle No More Manifesto and site are here.

The Two known most prominent voices of Idle No More on Twitter are Chief Theresa Spence and @idlenomore4

Idle No More Solidarity Sydney plan a series of advocacy actions in the very near future.

Flashmob Healing Circles: Downtown Sydney locations led by a professional healing leader. 

Drum Circles

Dance Circles

Other Forms of Advocacy urging The Canadian Prime Minister to listen to the First Nations people -not the bureaucrats who have gotten fat off the stolen lamb which is the rightful dominion of First Nations peoples.

Please use @idle_no_more or email us to join these activities.