Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Idle No More Solidarity with Gomeroi and Right to Protest Defenders

Idle No More Solidarity Sydney are supporting our Gomeroi sisters and the Defend The Right to Protest alliance Rally at 11a.m. on Thursday June 23rd at the colonist parliament of N.S.W.
The laws passed recently by the Baird government are designed to undermine our responsibility to protect our mother earth, our land our lakes and our rivers. Traditional law can not co exist with these laws and must take precedence if all people are to have a healthy place life and future.
It is our duty to our past and future generations to uphold our responsibility to care for our mother earth so that she in turn may care for us. It is our honour to uphold that duty. Where that duty comes into conflict with any law or practice then we should ignore that law or practice as I'll conceived. If necessary we should not flinch at breaking that law as all bad laws must be broken.
Idle No More Sydney call on all people organisations and friends to protect mother earth and the well being of all that live- and remove the obstacles to harmonious coexistence. We call on the Baird government to repeal these and similar laws and future governments to rescind them. We ask that government respect existence or expect extinction.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Mauna Kea Hui #protectmaunakea campaign gets Hawaii govt support

Following a spirited campaign by Mauna Kea Hui -a collective of Kanaka Maoli with strong local Hawaiian and global support the government of Hawaii intervened's the Mauna Kea Hui media release:

"For Immediate Release 
Contact Kealoha Pisciotta (
April 7 Response to Governor Ige’s announcement of a construction stand down
Mauna Kea Protectors (3:30 p.m.)
We applaud Governor Ige for stepping forward to take some kind of action in this crisis.
His call for a one-week halt to TMT’s construction is a victory for the Mauna Kea Protectors, clear evidence that he recognizes the worldwide groundswell of public support we have for halting further desecration of our sacred mountain. Mahalo, Governor Ige.
However, it is not enough to pause for a week. We need a commitment from the Governor or TMT to stop the desecration until our legal appeals can work their way through the courts to the State Supreme Court.
We’re grateful for the Governor’s action, but this welcome pause does not mean we’re standing down from our vigil of protection, during which so many people have had an opportunity to experience first-hand and from afar the deepest meanings of aloha and the power of peaceful expressions of protest against injustice and environmental disregard.
Many Hawaiians participating in the Merrie Monarch Festival are coming up the mountain with pain in their hearts, so our continued presence for them is essential.
Until there is a commitment from TMT and its international partners to stop their desecration of Mauna Kea, we will stand strong on the mountain to defend it. We are discouraged by the Canadian Prime Minister’s action yesterday to commit his nation’s funds to this lawless project and the desecration of our sacred mountain, and only days after Native Hawaiians were arrested for protecting their mountain. Shame on him!
We also continue to hold our vigil for our brothers and sisters who were arrested last week and who face criminal prosecution unless the Governor or the County Prosecutor drop these unjust and legally dubious charges.
Our Deepest Aloha and Mahalo again go out to all the people across the planet who have expressed their support for our mountain and our cause!
‪#‎protectmaunakea‬ "

Saturday, 21 March 2015

SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA Aboriginal Communities send a powerful message to government


Aboriginal Communities across every state and territory of Australia send a powerful message to the Premier of Western Australia and Prime Minister of Australia.
Kimberley Aboriginal Women took the lead with support from their men folk in sending a powerful message to the Premier of Western Australia Colin Barnett after they instigated a call for a national day of support to the wider Australian nation. The call to action held around Australia on Thursday 19th March resulted in a massive show of support registering collectively more than 20,000 people marching in remote communities, towns and cities. The outpouring of support via social media has resulted in a reach of over 1million people worldwide and continues to grow as awareness spreads. This outcome furthers the feeling and sentiments of the Kimberley community that they will not accept Premier Collin Barnett’s plan to shut off essential services to 150 remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia, ultimately forcing them into closure.

The sentiments expressed by local Kimberley, Pilbara, Murchison, Goldfields and South Australian people and supported by the actions throughout the state of WA and indeed across the nation, ranged from fear of uncertainty about which communities would be closed, to questions about what criteria the state would use to justify cutting of essential services, to outright objection of the Premier’s plan, saying that they will not be moved off their homelands under any circumstance and citing that his plans would be a step backward in reconciliation and moreover a playing out of historical policies of further marginalising and disenfranchising Aboriginal people again.

Local Shire President of Broome Graham Campbell who spoke at the Broome event weighed into the discussion stating that even the local Shires of the Kimberley were not in the consultation process to date and were very concerned about the social flow on effects that may eventuate due to displacement of community people targeted in the direct outcome of the Premier’s plans.
Two key messages that came from the Kimberley

Aboriginal community were that the:

· Government, either State or Federal need to consult and create an open and transparent conversation with Aboriginal people within the State / Region / Communities they are targeting for closure.


· Current influential leaders of the Kimberley must create solidarity, to unite and be one voice to represent the Kimberley region in order to present solutions to the issues that affect the region, and that these influential leaders must include their strong Aboriginal women leaders in this process prior to engaging in conversations with the State or Federal Government.

The Kimberley Aboriginal Women will be meeting with the Local MLA for Labor, Josie Farrer next week to discuss a community closure strategic plan. Organisers across the states (WA and SA) will also work on strategic action to take in order to open the discussion with their local State Government representatives.

For All Media Enquiries Contact:
Jodie Bell +61418094287(
Janine Dureau +61 419478614 (
Mitch Torres +61481054829 (

Saturday, 19 October 2013


In several centres across West Papua on October 16, Indonesian police and army (TNI) have again cracked down violently on peaceful political demonstrations held by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), resulting in the injuries of several participants, with unconfirmed reports of police opening fire in related incidents against KNPB members in Kaimana.
The demonstrations, called for October 15 by the KNPB to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the founding of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua, were delayed for a day out of respect for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.   The rallies were also highlighting the historic speech made by Vanuatu Prime Minister Moana Kalosil Carcasses to the United Nations General Assembly in late September, calling for the international community to take action on West Papua.........(MORE) 

‘OTSUS Plus’ a further blurring of Papuan History

WEST PAPUA MEDIA: “ All leaders have notes of their mark in history, so I figure this forms mine in the history of Papua.” These were the words of the Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe to journalists following the acceptance of the draft Papuan  ‘Special Autonomy (OTSUS) Plus’ legislation.  The draft legislation was a result of work by the Cenderawasih University (UnCen) Academic Assistance Team together with the Papuan Provincial Government............(READ MORE)

Bobii: Australian PM’s Words Hurt the People of Papua

“People seeking to grandstand against Indonesia, please, don’t look to do it in Australia, you are not welcome. ………. The situation in West Papua is getting better, not worse” were the words of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on 7 October 2013 after three Papuan citizens scaled the wall and entered the Australian Consulate in Bali(1)  .......... READ MORE