Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Idle No More Solidarity with Gomeroi and Right to Protest Defenders

Idle No More Solidarity Sydney are supporting our Gomeroi sisters and the Defend The Right to Protest alliance Rally at 11a.m. on Thursday June 23rd at the colonist parliament of N.S.W.
The laws passed recently by the Baird government are designed to undermine our responsibility to protect our mother earth, our land our lakes and our rivers. Traditional law can not co exist with these laws and must take precedence if all people are to have a healthy place life and future.
It is our duty to our past and future generations to uphold our responsibility to care for our mother earth so that she in turn may care for us. It is our honour to uphold that duty. Where that duty comes into conflict with any law or practice then we should ignore that law or practice as I'll conceived. If necessary we should not flinch at breaking that law as all bad laws must be broken.
Idle No More Sydney call on all people organisations and friends to protect mother earth and the well being of all that live- and remove the obstacles to harmonious coexistence. We call on the Baird government to repeal these and similar laws and future governments to rescind them. We ask that government respect existence or expect extinction.

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