Saturday, 19 October 2013


In several centres across West Papua on October 16, Indonesian police and army (TNI) have again cracked down violently on peaceful political demonstrations held by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), resulting in the injuries of several participants, with unconfirmed reports of police opening fire in related incidents against KNPB members in Kaimana.
The demonstrations, called for October 15 by the KNPB to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the founding of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua, were delayed for a day out of respect for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.   The rallies were also highlighting the historic speech made by Vanuatu Prime Minister Moana Kalosil Carcasses to the United Nations General Assembly in late September, calling for the international community to take action on West Papua.........(MORE) 

‘OTSUS Plus’ a further blurring of Papuan History

WEST PAPUA MEDIA: “ All leaders have notes of their mark in history, so I figure this forms mine in the history of Papua.” These were the words of the Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe to journalists following the acceptance of the draft Papuan  ‘Special Autonomy (OTSUS) Plus’ legislation.  The draft legislation was a result of work by the Cenderawasih University (UnCen) Academic Assistance Team together with the Papuan Provincial Government............(READ MORE)

Bobii: Australian PM’s Words Hurt the People of Papua

“People seeking to grandstand against Indonesia, please, don’t look to do it in Australia, you are not welcome. ………. The situation in West Papua is getting better, not worse” were the words of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on 7 October 2013 after three Papuan citizens scaled the wall and entered the Australian Consulate in Bali(1)  .......... READ MORE

W est Papua M edia: Police violently break up 3rd Congress

  • October 19, 2013
    West Papua Media team and local stringers
    Early reports received from West Papua Media stringers have described another serious and violent crackdown across West Papua on October 19 by Indonesian security forces, against peaceful gatherings commemorating the third anniversary of the brutal crackdown on the Third Papuan Congress in October 2011.
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  • West Papua Media: Police violently break up 3rd Congress NFRPB commemorations across West Papua

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Guarani Kaiowa Idle No More- Brazil
@Idle_No_More Solidarity Sydney Australia are in solidarity with our indigenous sisters and brothers in Brazil -and Globally. We know that the Guarani Kaiowa People have spent decades being driven from their ancestral lands as profit driven agricultural barons seek ever more land for ever more profit by any means necessary. The indigenous people of Mato Grosso de Sul struggle with not only disposession but with the additional issues of introduced addictions and sickness caused by inability to access and harvest traditional foods we hear their call. Today Guarani Kaiowa People are standing as one with Indigenous People from throughout Brazil to assert their rights to the Freedom so many of us in the Western First World consider they have, despite not once having to fight for or defend it. 

 When Indigenous Peoples of the World Stand to defend their way of life and their very existence we stand in solidarity with them. With their stance as in Brazil, they will be IdleNoMore - IdleNoMore Brazil is uniting the traditional voices and todays understandings using all peaceful means to assert. #Oct7Proclaim #IdleNoMore