Thursday, 3 October 2013

Guarani Kaiowa Idle No More- Brazil
@Idle_No_More Solidarity Sydney Australia are in solidarity with our indigenous sisters and brothers in Brazil -and Globally. We know that the Guarani Kaiowa People have spent decades being driven from their ancestral lands as profit driven agricultural barons seek ever more land for ever more profit by any means necessary. The indigenous people of Mato Grosso de Sul struggle with not only disposession but with the additional issues of introduced addictions and sickness caused by inability to access and harvest traditional foods we hear their call. Today Guarani Kaiowa People are standing as one with Indigenous People from throughout Brazil to assert their rights to the Freedom so many of us in the Western First World consider they have, despite not once having to fight for or defend it. 

 When Indigenous Peoples of the World Stand to defend their way of life and their very existence we stand in solidarity with them. With their stance as in Brazil, they will be IdleNoMore - IdleNoMore Brazil is uniting the traditional voices and todays understandings using all peaceful means to assert. #Oct7Proclaim #IdleNoMore

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